• Properties: Truth, self-love, communication, trust, clarity, patience, tolerance.

  • soothing, calming & brings balance into our life

  • stimulates integrity, truth and honor and is said to balance male and female energies.

  • confidence and strengthened communication skills; useful for writers and artists, helping with creativity and self-expression


  • motivational and inspirational; helps to clear your mind, strengthen your personal power, and stimulate creativity.

  • Many use this crystal to assist with their weight-loss goals as well.



  • a good all-round healer that promotes feelings of well-being, and encourages prosperity.

  • reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness, promotes compassion and empathy, and encourages perseverance.

  • a form of Quartz, and helps to dissolve negative emotions and thoughts; brings well-being and emotional calm.



Considered the stone of courage and has a calming effect on fears and anger. It is the symbol of justice. Secures victory in physical or personal battles. Removes energetic blocks; opens locked doors and breaks through obstacles. Aligns energetic centers and aids in spiritual communication. Indicated for all illnesses related to blood or circulatory system, and for nosebleeds. Said to protect against "the evil eye", or negative energy, therefore is good for psychic protection. Use bloodstone to encourage business growth or when needing a victory in legal matters. Strongly attracts money, good luck and health.


  • (Energy cleaner/amplifier; calming & soothing; the student crystal)

  • absorbs energy, cleans & returns it; cleans the energy & raises the vibration of any space

  • soothes & clears your nerves, facilitating your ability to connect to higher frequencies

  • Healing practice: Encourages acceptance & ideal states for healing, meditation, beneficial communication, & gentle emotional release

  • Students/Learning: powerful helper for study & learning; great gift for students; clears out old patterns, increases personal motivation & drive

  • Chakras: clears and activates throat and third eye; also crown chakra

  • Elemental: dissipates air & water - ideal for purification & invocation.


  • helps connect you with your guardian angels - amazing!

  • known for inviting beneficial energy into your space and fostering your connection with higher realms.

  • has a gentle, uplifting energy that helps to relieve sadness, and anxiety; a beautiful crystal that is a great decoration for your home

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  • Powerful talisman for protection and long life.

  • heightens intuition; links to the past; helps with past-life visualization & astral travel

  • assists in transformation and personal growth

  • calming and soothing; helps to ground and centre you to the physical plane; grounds and balances Kundalini energy

  • help to create a harmonious and organized home or workspace

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  • grounds, stabilizes, and protects.

  • Hematite often is used for protection at the corners of a room or office.


  • a magical, intuitive, and spiritual stone that's wonderful for meditation and connecting to the spiritual realm. Its energy grabs you and pulls your energy down toward the earth's core, helping you to feel focused so that you can overcome distractions

  • usually a black stone with grey-colored mottling; can be polished to a high shine. In the sunlight, expect kind of a violet iridescence


  • an ancient talisman that brings stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual and physical realms.

  • increases vigilance and brings greater understanding as well as sharpness to one's inner vision.

  • important protection stone

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Jade carries serene and calming energy, helping a person to find self-acceptance and inner calm. This healing stone can also help the wearer understand dream symbolism and tap inner creativity. In China, jade creates a serene feeling of harmony, balance. Jade is also used as a protection and good luck feng shui stone. Confucius said that there are 11 De, or virtues, represented in jade. The noble spirit of Jade is beyond monetary worth and materiality, and represents beauty, grace, and purity.