(Near Gem Grade)

  • a high vibration crystal of channeling, altered states, vivid dreams, dream recall, and visualizations.

  • helps with spiritual alignment and balance.

  • protective and deflects negative energy.

  • aligns the chakras; restores Qi

  • aids greatly in meditation.

  • never requires cleaning (because it does not hold negativity)


(Near Gem Grade)

  • relates to the Heart Chakra, and can facilitate connection with one's deepest truths.

  • also helps to discern the truth of any matter or situation

  • aligns the chakras; restores Qi

  • connects deeply to nature.

  • never requires cleaning (because it does not hold negativity)


  • has a calming energy that fosters tranquility and peacefulness.

  • particularly useful in times of stress and chaos.


  • Properties: Love, abundance, good luck, happiness, psychic abilities, feminine energies

  • aids in inner growth, strengthens intuition and stabilizes emotions.

  • known as a stone for new beginnings, success in love and business, and good fortune; promotes inspiration and protects us, especially people who are particularly sensitive.

  • a great aid for meditation.


Properties: Support, Strength, Stamina, Protection

The perfect gift for: those in a transition period

Onyx is an excellent stone for stressful or challenging situations as it gives us strength and support. It's soothing qualities alleviate fear and worries and encourage wise decision-making. Onyx is known to increase happiness, intuition and good fortune. It is known to help us change bad habits and keep emotions under control. Onyx helps us to focus and stay grounded.


  • An extremely grounding and protecting stone that calms us and encourages feelings of well-being, safety and security.

  • works with the Root and Third-Eye Chakras, bringing healing energies to both physical and emotional issues.

  • teaches us patience; working with their grounding energies connects us to the Earth and facilitates spirituality.

  • a great aid for meditation.

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  • soothing and calming; helps cleanse your aura and clear away energy blockages

  • helps connect to higher realms (via Third Eye Chakra); clarifies dream work

  • enhances communication and organization

  • *clear on a regular basis* (with Selenite) - because all quartz is a powerful energy absorber.

  • Chakras: primarily Throat & Third Eye Chakras


  • helps transmute negative energies into positive ones; attracts prosperity and success stimulates creativity.

  • imparts a sense of wholeness, empathy, and universal love; has a positive effect on the environment if placed strategically in a room.

  • has a healing effect for many when worn or carried.

  • Chakra: Heart Chakra.


  • powerful protection from negative energy and EM emissions; deflects and absorbs negative energy and removes it from a person or room

  • scientifically proven to eliminate pollutants, bacteria, viruses, etc.

  • a rare, carbon-based, noncrystalline rock found only in one area of Russia

  • A Master cleaner - but since it absorbs negative energy, it should be recharged and cleaned on a regular basis.

  • success/goals: shungite can help conduct and drive your energy strongly towards your desired outcome