• (Energy cleaner/amplifier; calming & soothing; the student crystal)

  • absorbs energy, cleans & returns it; cleans the energy & raises the vibration of any space

  • soothes & clears your nerves, facilitating your ability to connect to higher frequencies

  • Healing practice: Encourages acceptance & ideal states for healing, meditation, beneficial communication, & gentle emotional release

  • Students/Learning: powerful helper for study & learning; great gift for students; clears out old patterns, increases personal motivation & drive

  • Chakras: clears and activates throat and third eye; also crown chakra

  • Elemental: dissipates air & water - ideal for purification & invocation.


  • An extremely grounding and protecting stone that calms us and encourages feelings of well-being, safety and security.

  • works with the Root and Third-Eye Chakras, bringing healing energies to both physical and emotional issues.

  • teaches us patience; working with their grounding energies connects us to the Earth and facilitates spirituality.

  • a great aid for meditation.

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  • soothing and calming; helps cleanse your aura and clear away energy blockages

  • helps connect to higher realms (via Third Eye Chakra); clarifies dream work

  • enhances communication and organization

  • *clear on a regular basis* (with Selenite) - because all quartz is a powerful energy absorber.

  • Chakras: primarily Throat & Third Eye Chakras