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About Us

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Mark & Vickie here, from Portland, Oregon.  We started our crystals business in 2017, after collecting crystals and minerals since 1990.  Healing crystals and gems became part of our lives in 1998.  Our mission statement is simple: “share crystals” - and that is about as “corporate” as we get, LoL.  Mark has been a civil rights trial attorney since 1990, and Vickie has been a financial analyst and computer programmer since the mid-80s.  So the crystals business started out as a "side business", and then it took's just a lot more rewarding than a typical 9-5 job for us.

    We travel a lot and buy directly from mines and crystal producers worldwide, and our primary goal is to make our crystals much more affordable than the typical crystal shop - so our prices typically are 40-60 percent below retail prices that you would pay at a crystal shop for equal or lesser quality.  And to increase our buying power and breadth of our stones, we also provide healing crystals wholesale to a number of charities and spiritually-oriented businesses outside of the Portland metro area.

    Since 2017 we have been a “pop-up”, sharing crystals at private events and at 25-30 shows each year, including some amazing metaphysical shows (and some rock club shows where we are the “metaphysical crystals vendor”).

Future Plans:

1.  We love what we’re doing, so it’s not “work” - it’s much more like play and meeting new friends

2.  Becoming more accessible, including buying some real estate to set up a bricks and mortar location(s).  Our crystals business has really taken off (despite the current pandemic, since we have so many loyal customers), so we are planning to expand significantly in the next 1-2 years.  Slowly and carefully, so we maintain our high level of client service, and so we expand the business in a measured way. So, we’re putting this idea out there: Be on the lookout for real estate - we are patiently looking for locations in several cities, with an eye toward establishing one or two bricks and mortar locations. *We are flexible about location, so don’t limit yourself to Portland metro, etc.  So if you happen to hear of a good deal on a 2500-5000 square foot building on a busy street (including commercially zoned houses)...preferably with some parking and/or workshop area (in a basement, or an outbuilding), by all means let us know - particularly if the owner is amenable to a significant downpayment and a seller-carried 3-5 year sale contract.  

3.  Partnering/Franchising Opportunities:  We also are prepared to assist and/or be a wholesale supplier for folks who want to establish a crystals business, or who want to create a crystals/minerals component of their business.  When we find the right people who are positive, high energy people who value the qualities of crystals and healing gemstones, we will provide them with a ready-made business structure, amazing prices on stones (so they can share them with their set of clients), and eventually we probably will establish a gentle and humane type of franchise situation with a few candidates who really impress us.   

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