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The Primary Throat Chakra stone
• a stone of communication; helps with confidence and the ability to share truth
• calming and stabilizing; promotes peace and tranquility; nurturing and supportive
• harmonizes particularly well with malachite, moldavite, and blue kyanite
• all of our blue lace agate is from Namibia (we stockpiled 1,000 kilos of high grade rough stones from Namibia - because it is increasingly rare because the mine in Namibia closed 2 years ago - apparently the closure is permanent)
Chakra: Throat   Birthstone: March

     Approximate Size: 23-26mm long  (thickness may vary)

     Raw stones are available, including for lapidary or wholesale - contact us for photos and pricing

     (Photo is illustrative, not the piece you will receive)

Blue Lace Agate: Drop Bead Pendant

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