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           (Afghan lapis collected during our recent trip to Asia)

• connects the physical and spiritual realms (by opening the third eye)

• spiritually protective; deflects negative psychic energy

• seeks truth; enhances intellectual ability; aids in learning

• helps to quickly release stress and promotes peaceful states; brings harmony in relationships

• Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

        Approximate Sizes: Small (33-40mm, 30-49 grams), Medium (40-48mm, 59-96 grams),

                                       Large (52-60mm, 108-124 grams), X-L (51-61mm, 134-153 grams)

                                       XXL up to 643 grams available: Email us for photo and pricing

        (Photos are illustrative, not the actual pieces you will receive)

Lapis Lazuli: Egg

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