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Selenite:  for purification; clearing aura
• cleans and purifies both your aura and your crystals
• we charge and purify some stones like black tourmaline in the full moon (overnight) on selenite planks
• Alternative: Shungite, another "master cleaner" that also blocks EM radiation.

• Chakras: Crown, Star     Size: 3"

Orgone Pyramid:  assists to purify a space, neutralize EMF radiation, clear negative energy, relieve stress

• most important, it amplifies and distributes the beneficial qualities of its primary crystals

• balances the life-energy that we know as prana or chi

• created by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich 100 years ago, and all orgone pyramids are constructed based on his findings and research

     Approximate Size:  3"

       (Photo is representative, not the actual pieces you will receive)

Selenite: Orgone Pyramid

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