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Spirit Quartz: a crystal of Harmony and Alignment
• used to heighten experiences with astral travel, shamanic journeying, dream work, rebirthing, and meditation.
• opens and cleanses all Chakras; especially the crown chakra (amethyst type)
• protective, both energetically and physically; shields the aura, transmutes and dissipates negative energy
• Rare: found in only in South Africa

     Chakras:  Star, Crown

Amethyst promotes calm, balance, and peace

• helps with personal losses and grief, and is a powerful aid to meditation  

• a favorite of Reiki practitioners for its healing properties

   (*help preserve your amethyst's rich color by keeping it out of sunlight and UV light*)
      Approximate Sizes: Small (10-19 grams), Medium (20-35 grams), Large (35-49 grams), Extra Large (50-75 grams). Specimens available 76 - 1400 grams: Email us for pricing and photos - cost is 12 cents per gram up to 500 grams; 11 cents per gram for pieces larger than 500 grams

      (Photo is representative, not the actual piece you will receive)

Spirit Quartz: Lavender Amethyst

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