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Black Tourmaline:  Powerful Base Chakra Protection Stone!    Size: 3"

• absorbs and deflects a huge amount of negative energy
•  an extremely powerful purifying stone that grounds and cleanses your entire system
• because it is so strongly absorbent, you should frequently purify it with Selenite (or in the full moon).

Orgone Pyramid:  assists to purify a space, neutralize EMF radiation, clear negative energy, relieve stress

• most important, it amplifies and distributes the beneficial qualities of its primary crystals

• balances the life-energy that we know as prana or chi

• created by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich 100 years ago, and all orgone pyramids are constructed based on his findings and research

       (Photo is representative, not the actual piece you will receive)

Tourmaline (Black): Orgone Pyramid

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