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• Powerful Base Chakra Protection Stone; absorbs and deflects a huge amount of negative energy
•  an extremely powerful purifying stone that grounds and cleanses your entire system. 
• because it is so strongly absorbent, you should frequently purify it with Selenite (or in the full moon).

       Approximate Sizes:  Small (35-60 grams), Medium (61-80 grams), Large (130-150 grams),

                                  Extra Large (250-300 grams)

       (XXL Specimens [1-7 pounds] are available - inquire by email for pricing and photos;

                   some very high grade pieces also have mica, lepidolite, and/or multi-color tourmaline,

       (Photos are illustrative, not the actual pieces you will receive; pieces also vary in thickness)

Tourmaline (Black): Rough, Striated

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